6fiftyfive Orion Ice Blue Lens Ski Goggles: Frameless, Magnetic, Anti-Fog

Unleash superior vision and unparalleled style with the revolutionary 6fiftyfive Orion Ski Goggles. The frameless design maximizes your field of view, letting you carve through any terrain with confidence. Experience exceptional optical performance thanks to our innovative Orion Lens technology, inspired by NASA spacesuit visors and designed in Manly, Australia

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Change your lens in seconds

no more struggling to get your lens swapped for different light conditions. 8 pairs of N45 rare earth magnets allow easy and fast lens switching while holding your lens in place. Personalize your ski goggles with the original 6fiftyfive spare lenses: different colours and VLT (Visible Light Transmittance)

Nearly indestructible

6fiftyfive ski goggles are made to last: the frame is made of strong and flexible Thermo-Plastic Urethane (TPU) and the lens is a shatterproof ultra strong poly-carbonate to ensure your new ski goggles hold up in the most extreme outdoor conditions.

Universal and OTG Compatible

6fiftyfive Orion Ski Goggles are 8.27" wide and 3.74" tall. The extra long and wide high-density elastic strap with silicone anti-slip strips on the back make them universally compatible and ensure your ski goggles stay in place. The OTG design allows you to wear your glasses (up to 5.3" wide and 1.90" tall) under your new ski goggles.


The high density, triple-layer hot pressed cotton foam is like silk on your skin and ensures you are comfortable and warm protecting you against the elements. The extra vents on the frame help the airflow through the goggles prevent steaming up.

VLT - visible light transmission


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Dominate the Slopes with Unmatched Clarity: 6fiftyfive Orion Ski Goggles

Unmatched Clarity & Contrast: See every detail, from vibrant blues to subtle snow textures, with our advanced lenses.

Superior Anti-Fog Coating: Eliminate distractions and maintain a crystal-clear view all day, in any weather.Effortless

Lens Swapping: 8 Rare Earth magnets enable quick lens changes to adapt to varying light conditions.

Universal & OTG Compatibility: Fits a wide range of faces and works seamlessly with most prescription glasses.

Unparalleled Comfort & Fit: Enjoy a secure and comfortable fit with our high-density, triple-layer foam lining.

Upgrade Your Vision with Multilayer Lens Technology

6fiftyfive ski goggles utilize cutting-edge multilayer lens technology designed in Australia, offering superior performance compared to traditional double-lens goggles.

  • Single, Thicker Multilayer Lens

    We replace the bulky double-lens system with a single, thicker lens comprised of multiple layers of shatterproof polycarbonate.

  • Enhanced Anti-Fog Performance (3x Better)

    The advanced multilayer construction eliminates the air gap, significantly reducing the risk of fogging for a consistently clear view.

  • Experience unparalleled visual acuity with sharper definition and richer colors.

    Experience unparalleled visual acuity with sharper definition and richer colors.

  • Increased Durability

    The robust multilayer construction ensures long-lasting performance and superior impact resistance.

  • Expanded Field of View (25% Wider)

    Enjoy a panoramic view with a significantly wider field of vision compared to traditional goggles of the same size.

  • Reduced Glare (40% Less)

    Our advanced lens coating minimizes glare and enhances visual comfort.

  • Superior Anti-Fog Film

    An additional anti-fog film within the lens offers enhanced fog-fighting capabilities compared to traditional spray coatings.

  • Full REVO Coating

    Similar to high-end goggles from Oakley and Smith, our lenses utilize a Full REVO coating for accentuated contrast, allowing you to see shadows on the slopes more clearly.