Passionate Beginnings: Founded in 2018 by Chiara and Fabio, two adventurers driven by a love for nature and a desire to explore new horizons. 6fiftyfive was born from the idea of seizing the day and embracing the beauty around us.

Why Ski Goggles? A perfect blend of expertise. Fabio, a mechanical engineer with a focus on technology, and Chiara, with experience in fashion and outdoor gear, aimed to disrupt the market by creating innovative, user-centric ski goggles.

Our Vision: We design products that empower you to live life to the fullest, creating unforgettable memories on your adventures. Whether it's carving fresh powder or soaking in the mountain scenery, we want you to enjoy every moment with confidence.

Our Mission: 6fiftyfive was born to challenge the status quo of overpriced and outdated ski goggles. We invest in meticulous engineering and testing to deliver peak performance at an accessible price. Our goggles offer superior clarity, protection, and reliability, allowing you to focus on the mountain experience.

Explore the Outdoors Responsibly: Embrace the adventure while respecting nature and wildlife. 6fiftyfive is here to equip you for a transformative outdoor experience.