Unleash Superior Clarity & Performance: How 6fiftyfive Multilayer Lenses Work

Traditional double-lens ski goggles rely on an air gap between two separate lenses. This approach has limitations:

Fogging: The air gap can trap moisture, causing fogging and obscuring your vision.Limited

Limited Durability: Over time, the space between lenses can collect impurities, becoming un-cleanable.

Ghost Images: Two lenses can create internal reflections and "ghost images," especially when looking directly at the sun.

Deteriorating Anti-Fog Coating: Traditional goggles often use a spray-on anti-fog treatment that degrades over time.

6fiftyfive Revolutionizes Ski Goggle Technology

We've taken a groundbreaking approach with our innovative Multilayer Lens Technology

  • Single, Thicker Multilayer Lens

    We replace the bulky double-lens system with a single, thicker lens comprised of multiple layers of shatterproof polycarbonate.

  • Enhanced Anti-Fog Performance (3x Better)

    The advanced multilayer construction eliminates the air gap, significantly reducing the risk of fogging for a consistently clear view.

  • Experience unparalleled visual acuity with sharper definition and richer colors.

    Experience unparalleled visual acuity with sharper definition and richer colors.

  • Increased Durability

    The robust multilayer construction ensures long-lasting performance and superior impact resistance.

  • Expanded Field of View (25% Wider)

    Enjoy a panoramic view with a significantly wider field of vision compared to traditional goggles of the same size.

  • Reduced Glare (40% Less)

    Our advanced lens coating minimizes glare and enhances visual comfort.

  • Superior Anti-Fog Film

    An additional anti-fog film within the lens offers enhanced fog-fighting capabilities compared to traditional spray coatings.

  • Full REVO Coating

    Similar to high-end goggles from Oakley and Smith, our lenses utilize a Full REVO coating for accentuated contrast, allowing you to see shadows on the slopes more clearly.

The Result

6fiftyfive Multilayer Lens Technology delivers a game-changing experience for skiers. Experience exceptional clarity, superior anti-fog performance, wider field of view, and reduced glare, all in a durable, long-lasting package.