Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between your lens and the normal double lens in the market?

Our Ski Goggles feature an innovative double lens with both lenses laminated together; this means larger field of vision, no reflection and superior anti-fog compared to normal double lens. Traditional ski goggles feature 2 lenses (the outer and the inner one) separated by a thin layer of air, this causes refractions and with time allows impurity to sediment between the two lenses lowering the clarity of the ski goggles. In the past the 2 lenses were needed to help preventing the fogging, but with the improvement in the materials available nowadays better performance can be achieved by using a multi layer polycarbonate lens with the anti-fog film directly laminated to the main lens. Several competition grade ski goggles adopt a multilayer technology similar to the one we use to allow racers to have better clarity and contrast at high speed while keeping the ski goggles fog free

What are the dimensions of the frame? Height and width

The frame is 8.27 inches (W) x 3.74 inches (H)

What is the VLT (Visible Light Transmission) of the lenses?

VLT, Visible Light Transmission) is the metric used to measure the amount of light that goes through the lens, the lower the %, the darker is the lens, the higher the %, the brighter is the lens. For bright, sunny days a VLT of 15% to 30% is suggested, for cloudy days a VLT of 20% to 40% and for night, fog or snow a VLT above 60% is suggested.
  1. The PINK and ICE BLUE ski goggles have a VLT of 16%,
  2. The RED ski goggles have a VLT of 19%,
  3. The GREEN ski goggles have a VLT of 21%,
  4. The YELLOW replacement lens has a VLT of 88%.
  5. The ICE BLUE replacement lens has a VLT of 80%
The Green, pink, Ice blue and the red are category 2 lenses while the yellow one is a category 1 lens.

What is the danger of wiping the fog resistant material?

We use a premium anti-fog film for all our lenses. Cheaper, lower quality ski goggles use a coating. Normally the coating is really delicate and you should not wipe the internal of the goggles as you risk removing it, with our film you can use the provided cleaning cloth to clean the inside of the goggles without risking to remove it

What is the maximum size of Eye Glasses that fit in the frame?

Our ski goggles can house prescription glasses up to a maximum dimension of 5.1" x 1.9"

Do these ski goggles offer UVA & UVB protection? 

Yes they do. All our lens are 100% UV400 protection, UVA & UVB Protection,
offering a complete protection against the harmful UV lights exceeding CE and FDA standards.

Are these lenses categorised as spherical or cylindrical?

At the moment we only offer ski goggles with cylindrical lenses.

Is there a warranty on your Ski Goggles?

Yes there is. We provide customer friendly 1 year extended warranty with 30 days money back guarantee.

Do 6fiftyfive Ski Goggles come with a case?

No, there is not a case but they with a soft carrying bag. It's also a dry cloth to gently clean the lens

Which lens is best for low light, (overcast) conditions?

The best lenses for low light are the replacement lenses yellow and Ice blue. We recommend them for snowy or foggy days and for night skiing.

Do you make ski goggles for children?

Not at the moment, but we are thinking about it. We launched the first 6fiftyfive Snow Goggles in January 2019 and we focused in designing a premium product that could fit the needs of a professional skier or snowboarder. This includes one of the largest peripheral visions available on the market. Some of our customers told us that the goggles fit a 13 years old but given the design, we advise not to use them for kids younger than 13 years old.

Which lens type is the default? Meaning which lens would fit most weather conditions?

The red and green ones are the most versatile ones, covering from sunny to covered days. The yellow would be ideal for snowy or foggy days and night skiing.

Are these ski goggles helmet compatible?

Yes they fit perfectly most types of helmets. The extra long elastic strap ensures great helmet compatibility.

Are these mirror reflected? Can someone see their reflection if they looked at me?

Hi, yes they can absolutely see their reflection if they look at you.
You can notice it also if you look at the pictures some reviewers left in our listing.

Unleash Superior Clarity & Performance: How 6fiftyfive Multilayer Lenses Work

Traditional double-lens ski goggles rely on an air gap between two separate lenses. This approach has limitations:

  • Fogging: The air gap can trap moisture, causing fogging and obscuring your vision.
  • Limited Durability: Over time, the space between lenses can collect impurities, becoming un-cleanable.
  • Ghost Images: Two lenses can create internal reflections and "ghost images," especially when looking directly at the sun.
  • Deteriorating Anti-Fog Coating: Traditional goggles often use a spray-on anti-fog treatment that degrades over time.

6fiftyfive Revolutionizes Ski Goggle Technology

We've taken a groundbreaking approach with our innovative Multilayer Lens Technology:

Single, Thicker Multilayer Lens: We replace the bulky double-lens system with a single, thicker lens comprised of multiple layers of shatterproof polycarbonate.

Enhanced Anti-Fog Performance (3x Better): The advanced multilayer construction eliminates the air gap, significantly reducing the risk of fogging for a consistently clear view.

Superior Clarity (5x Greater): Experience unparalleled visual acuity with sharper definition and richer colors.

Increased Durability: The robust multilayer construction ensures long-lasting performance and superior impact resistance.

Expanded Field of View (25% Wider): Enjoy a panoramic view with a significantly wider field of vision compared to traditional goggles of the same size.

Reduced Glare (40% Less): Our advanced lens coating minimizes glare and enhances visual comfort.

Superior Anti-Fog Film: An additional anti-fog film within the lens offers enhanced fog-fighting capabilities compared to traditional spray coatings.

Full REVO Coating: Similar to high-end goggles from Oakley and Smith, our lenses utilize a Full REVO coating for accentuated contrast, allowing you to see shadows on the slopes more clearly.

The Result

6fiftyfive Multilayer Lens Technology delivers a game-changing experience for skiers. Experience exceptional clarity, superior anti-fog performance, wider field of view, and reduced glare, all in a durable, long-lasting package.