6fiftyfive Lens Technology

How 6fiftyfive's multi layer lens works

Traditional double lens ski goggles are made of two lenses, one dark, on the outside, one clear, inside. Between the two lenses there is a small air gap. This allows to keep the inner lens at a higher temperature than the one outside, reducing the risk of fogging. In our lens this is achieved through several layers of shatterproof polycarbonate material combined in a single, thicker, multi layer lens. An analogy can be made with the old double windows of the houses in the 80s (the double lens masks) in comparison with the multilayer windows of today (our ski goggles). The result is:
  1. increased clarity: 5X compared to traditional lenses
  2. improved anti-fog: 3X compared to traditional lenses
  3. augmented contrast and extended durability
  4. increased view field +25% compared to traditional lenses of the same size
  5. reduced glares: -40% compared to traditional lenses

This because:

  1. the different layers of plastic are more efficient than the air gap in increasing the temperature in the inner part of the lens, reducing the risk of fogging
  2. The space between the two lenses in double lens masks over time fills with impurities and cannot be cleaned. In ours this problem does not exist
  3. The 2 lenses create reflected images if you look at the sun, this phenomenon is called ghost images and refractions, The multi-layer construct of our lens does not have this problem.
  4. inside our mask we have added an anti-fog film to increase the anti-fog capacity (a thin layer of transparent plastic), the double lenses usually have an anti-fog spray applied in the inner lens (you can see if they have a transparent plastic film inside that must be removed before first use). the spray is much more delicate and deteriorates over time
  5. The exterior of our lens has a coating called full revo. Many high level ski goggles (Oakley, Smith) have the same coating in their lenses. It allows to accentuate the contrasts to better see the shadows on the track and avoid bumps or holes