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6fiftyfive Ski goggles design principles

They say design is both art and science but for us here at 6fiftyfive, design can be fully represented by the following 6 principles:

Do not suck. Know your customer’s dreams and ensure your product helps them make great adventures and build strong memories. Be bold with what you want to achieve. We buy products to use them, they have to meet not only functional, but also psychological and aesthetic criteria

Stay Simple. Good design focus on the user and disregard anything else

Be honest. Use technology to solve real problems. It makes no good to make products appear more innovative, powerful or valuable than what they are

Disregard fashion and focus on beauty. Only well-executed objects can be beautiful. Avoid fashion and never become obsolete

Be thorough. Nothing must be arbitrary or left to chance. Care and accuracy in the design process down to the last detail is the only way to show respect to our customers.

Protect the environment. We only have 1 world, it is our only legacy, let’s try to leave it in a better place than when you found it

Each of our Ski Goggles has been designed with sleepless nights spent optimising each surface, each element, each material to give you the best experience, would it be down a double black diamond in the middle of a storm or at the local apres ski, with a cold beer talking to your friends... 

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